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Dog Bark’s mission is to provide top quality products that benefit the health and well-being of our best friends.

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Made in RVA

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My best friend, Bub captured my heart the first day I seen him.  He is my partner in most everything I do, including the creation of Dog Bark.

In 2014, during a routine vet appointment, Bub’s blood results came back with high levels of abnormal liver functions.  This routine checkup became a scary situation with the concerned look on the Vet’s face when telling me the news.  Bub’s diet became a concern, he was overweight (not uncommon for a “food loving” Labrador), but an active dog.  The Vet recommended reducing the amount of protein and grains in Bub's diet, and the mission began.

The mission to keep my best friend happy and healthy started with changing his everyday food to a grain free option.  Throughout the researching process, the more I learned about what the ingredients meant in a commercial dog food the more I was disgusted and even grossed out.  What are the best foods for dogs?  The results of the research proved that many of the same “superfoods” that are good for humans are just as beneficial and sometimes even more beneficial for our best friends.  Doing what I love to do (cook for my loved ones), I went out to my garden and grabbed a few sweet potatoes.  The first batch of treats was underway, as well as, the transition to a more natural diet.  Within a couple of months after transitioning Bub’s diet his weight and liver functions were back to normal!  

After witnessing Bub's amazing transformation I decided to make some treats to share with the dogs of my family and friends.   The tail wagging response from our best friends has continued to grow since the first treat was made. 

Dog Bark, LLC, established April 28, 2015

Commercial Feed License, issued August 28, 2015

        A manufacturer of any pet food must have a valid Commercial Feed License issued by the Department of Agriculture.  Each recipe must be tested for guaranteed nutritional analysis and approved by the Department of Agriculture before sales are permitted.